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One of our passions is getting people on their bikes and on the road.  We teach life long safety for riders of all ages on everything from custom choppers to CRF 50's.  All our instructors have over 10 years of riding experiance and our senior instructor has been training world class riders for over a decade.

Ready to Ride Program


This program is put through GPRC.  Please see their website for more information

Ryker and Spyder Training


We are proud to be the choice of BRP Canada to offer their new Ryker and Spyder safety training courses in Northern Alberta.

Because it is our first year offering this program we are excited to offer the training course for a massive discount.  Regular price is $499.99 however this year BRP is chipping in to get you on the road and allowing us to offer the course for only $199.99

The price will include: 8hrs of training on the track, variety of Ryker's provided, extra safety gear will be made available on request.

Sign up here: 

One on One


Maybe you've been riding for a while now and want to take your skills to the next level.  Have you forgotten some fundamentals since you traded your first bike off and are getting back into now. 


These lessons work well for you to grow at your own pace and really learn what you want to learn.  We teach everything from road safety to dirt jumping.


Call for more information

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